A mom on another blog inspire me to write a little something about the kids. Her post was great She thought it sounded corny, but was inspiring.

Braydon is your poster child for a true boy. He loves everything gross and nasty; farts, burps, poop, sticks, fire, Legos, video games, bikes, gokarts, and everything else nasty that boys like. His buddies are VERY important to him.

He is also very sensitive. He gets his feelings hurt pretty easy. The thing about Braydon is, he is a very caring and nice boy, he does not have a mean bone in his body. I really don't think he intends to ever be mean. He reminds me of a puppy sometimes, he is silly and excited, a little mischievous from time to time, and needs to be reminded to behave.

I would have never imagined he would be so good to Lila. He truly loves her. Last night she was upset and crying before bed, he came in to tell her he loved her and it was all going to be okay. He took her on his lap and hugged her for a bit, just to let her know big brother was there for her. It gave me the warm fuzzies.

Sometimes he is his own worst critic. He wants to be adventurous and brave abut the cautious side of him holds him back. Once he tries something 9 times out of 10 likes it, whether it's food or kneeboarding behind the boat, he takes life with total caution.

He is a perfectionist. If his drawings are not perfect or his letters not all lined up, he would rather throw the whole thing away, instead of erasing or adjusting his train of thought.

He is a very handsome boy. His eyes are so caring and kind, they draw you in and make you want to be his friend. I look at him sometimes and see the baby that he once was, at the some time can see the young man that he is becoming, sort of scares a mom.

Girls are still gross with cooties. He totally is into clothes, his favorite stores are; Urban Outfitters, Zumies, Hollister, Nordstrom and Gap, the guy has good taste.

As a mom of such a wonderful kid, I look forward to having a front row seat to his life.