Back to school

My 3rd grader

It's back to school time again, yippie!!
I'm not sure who was more excited about school starting, me or Braydon. My little baby started the 3rd grade today. (sniff, sniff) He really likes his teacher. He was not nervous last night at all. He went right to bed, got up all ready to hit the day. Very unusual for him. Most of the time he over thinks things, only to wind him self up,about nothing. (no one like that here)
When you have your first child, you always want to hurry them along to all of the firsts they will have, first tooth, walking, preschool, kindergarten.....But, there comes a time when those firsts come at you way too fast.
With Lila, I'm not in any big hurry to get her into a preschool. I thought I was, Yeah, no. We are going to go to our Library once a week for story time, maybe join a gymnastics class, who knows.

I asked Lila last night is she wanted to go to school or stay home with me. She chose me. (insert Snoopy happy dance here) So, this morning when I told her we were taking brother to school, she got a little worried that she was going to school too. That told me, we are not ready.