Why would you want to be a horseball Champ?

The Horseballs

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Horseball CHAMPS!!
Horseball LOSERS

Let me tell you being a horseball champ comes with many benefits. Bragging rights for 365 days, a killer trophy to brag about for 365days, The prestige of knowing you conquered, beat, and de-throned the previous year champs.

Each year during our trip to Chelan the guys compete with each other in a mini tournament of what we call horseballs. Some people call the game, snakes, yard snakes, hillbilly golf, bolo toss. We like hoseballs.

This year Brandon and his partner Kenny de throned Dean and his partner Brett. The compatition gets pretty firerce. Brett and Dean have won two years in a row.

The guys play best out of 5. Brandon and Kenny were down 2 games, only to come back and win 3 stright, to take the championship.

We are now proudly displaying our Championship trophy in our family room. It goes very well with the decor (not) I'm just hoping that we don't have to display the LOSER trophy with the pink balls and the words "Horseball LOSERS" on it. Sorry Mary Ann & Carrie for having to display the pink trophy.