Post Birthday post

Difficulty posting pictures......Sorry.

Holy moly!!! The past couple of days have been a blur. With Birthday preparations and just the normal day to day, we have been busy.

The birthday party was a success. I have to say we have some really great friends and family 35 people were here to help celebrate Lila's birthday. She is very much loved.

I have never seen that many LARGE gift bags for one little girl. They were bigger then her. She is now outfitted to dress up like all of the princesses and even Tinkerbell. She has changed her outfit 100 times just today. She is a total girly girl.

She had a blast. I'm not to sure if she even knew what was going on, until the bounce house showed up. She squealed with delight as it was being inflated.

One thing I love about her is, she doesn't want it to just be about her. It's about everyone. She could not grasp the concept that this day was about her only. She kept telling all of us happy birthday and wondering how old we were turning.

We thank everyone for coming and sharing Lila's first birthday with us, it really means a lot to us to know that we have so many close friends. WE LOVE YOU ALL! THANK YOU!