Meet Vinny

Say hello to our newest family member......Vinny. I know I'm crazy for getting another dog after the beagle, but how can you resist that face? He was born on June 24th. He is pekinese/chihuahua so he will only hopefully get as big as a loaf of bread.

We took him shopping to day to get some toys and treats. He even road in my purse at lunch.

I have been wanting a little dog, when I saw that face...Ugh, the kids and I were hooked. We all came home and grilled poor Brandon. But we had our secret weapon, Lila. She put on the charm and melted poor baba's heart, "Plllleeeassse baba, I get a dog."

Braydon even PROMISED that he would do poo poo duty. So far today he has cleaned up after Vinny. It's nothing like cleaning up after the last dog. We had to search for the poo in the grass it is so small. But, it's still poo, and Braydon is still gonna clean it up.