Look who brought home the bling.

This time I brought home the bling from the car show. I can't take any of the credit though. Brandon busted his butt, cut his fingers and sweat buckets, to get my car ready for the car show on Sunday. I was having retail therapy with Carrie. Yes, I'm a bad wife and feel bad for it. He will get paid back.

We got up early on Sunday to take both of our cars to a Chevelle & El Camino only show down way south of here. Early for me is anything before 8am. Lila and I are not morning people and don't like when people talk to us in the morning. Brandon and Braydon on the other hand, chipper, happy and worst of all chatty in the morning.

The plaque that we won was from a sister club of the car club hosting the show. The Oregon Chevelle & El Camino owners club picked our Chevelle as the favorite out of 200 cars. The Awesome trophy was for second place in the 1965 Chevelles class. The car that won first place was nice and had traveled all the way from Tennessee for the show.

The kids were really good. There was games for Braydon. He won 5 Hot wheels cars. Lila, well she was Lila, charming anybody that walked by. The funniest thing was the wedding. Oh yeah, you heard me right a wedding. A couple go married at the car show. At first I was thinking totally trashy. But, it turned out to be not as bad as I was thinking. I'm guessing they met at a car show, and that car shows are the shared hobby. They both had cars entered in the show. They dropped rose petal's on the ground, had doves fly after the "I do's", and all of their friend's were there. It was different, in a strange sort of way. I guess it beats getting married at a Taco Bell. (I know someone who did that, sad.)

The big draw was Little Vinny. He is a chick magnet. Braydon was drawing the girls in left and right just by carrying him around. (don't get any ideas honey)

It was lots of fun to bring home bling and to spend the day with friends and family.

Thank you honey for all of your hard work, the cars looked great.