First visit to the zoo

Weeeee.......Who needs a double stroller? not us.
Braydon, Wyatt, Layla, Katie, Lila, McRae
They are Just too cute
Yesterday was Lila's first of many visits to the zoo. I wasn't sure what her reaction was going to be. She is not a real big fan of big animals. Of course it didn't help that Bradyon kept telling her all of the animals at the zoo had big teeth, but not to worry they were all behind glass. Like she understood that. Most of the morning you could see the anxiety on her face about encountering these animals with big teeth. This must be one of the perks of a big brother, to scare your sister to death.

Things were fine once we got there and she could see the animals were pretty far away. And the comfort of knowing Katie was not scared either. Thank you Katie.

One of the first animals that she saw was the giraffe. She was totally amazed and kept commenting on how big they were.

She did get a little freaked out at the gorillas. They were laying down next to the glass, so the kids were standing right over them. Well, one went to get up, and I haven't see Lila move that fast ever. Once she saw that the baby gorilla was not going to be able to get closer she was fine.

The whole zoo thing must be so strange for her to grasp. The thought of these animals so close to you sort of freaks me out too.