6 month homestudy

Last week was our six month homestudy. It's hard to believe we have been home from China for six months. But, in the same disbelief it feels like we have been with Lila all her life.

Since our first interview with our SW I have felt totally comfortable talking with her and opening up about the issues we have had and felt we needed to be honest about everyone's adjustment in this family. We have nothing to hide, we are pretty normal and our kids are equally pretty normal, but picture this......

Tuesday Aug 8th, day of homestudy.

It was a pretty busy day, Braydon had vision therapy in the afternoon, Wyatt had spent the night, so the plan was to take Wyatt home in the morning before therapy. That didn't quite workout due to the fact, the boys slept in and I dilly dallied around the house and lost track of time. So, first call to Carrie, I'll bring him home sometime in the afternoon.

We make it to therapy, no problem. On the way home we are stuck in traffic. I have to get home to meet a friend that is dropping off some goodies from a Body shop party I hosted. (fun, fun) On the way home second call to Carrie, I'll bring him home after the homestudy visit. Should be sometime after 7 or 8 pm

We make it home, I get the goodies. Next thing on the agenda, dinner, pick up toys around the house, wait for my car to show up, and get through homestudy.

I make chili and cornbread for the kids. The mess it makes is to big for me to clean up with the time I have left before the climax of events. If all goes well I will be able to pull this off, timing is everything.
I half way dust buster all of the crumbs I throw the dishes in the sink. Giant semi truck is here.

All this time the kids have been watching the new Leroy and Stich movie. Lila is running around the house pretending she is Stich. She has had numerous suckers thoughout the day and it is evident by the mass of sticky on her face and hair, juice stains on her shirt, chili around her mouth, hair is a mess. This is rare for her, she is normally very tidy.

The big semi truck shows up out in front of our house. Several people are here to see what is going on (some nosey neighbors) as the car is being taken off the truck, the SW shows up.

I had mentioned to Lila that My friend Emily was coming over to meet her. I said friend because I wanted her to be her self. If I say someone is a friend she opens right up and is her silly self. Emily gets out of the car all wided eyed as she can see that there is a giant semi truck out in front of the house, doors are all wide open on the house, Leroy and Stich is blaring from the family room, Bradyon and Wyatt are running in the front yard pretending to shoot each other, my daughter is growling at everyone like Stich. I call for Lila to come meet my "friend" As she slides down the stairs on her bottom, holding her tinkerbell wand pretending it's her ukaleili (spelling?) she yells out to Emily "Aloha cousin"

Lila cozied right up to Emily on the couch, asking her questions and telling her all about her birthday party. No shyness there.

Like I said we have nothing to hide here. There was no cleaning, staging a picture perfect family, all tidy and straight laced. We were 99% us. I say 99% because normally with that much chaos I would have needed a nice cold Carona.

Oh, and third call to Carrie, Wyatt spent another night so we could take the kids for a cruise in the new ride.

Thank God it's all water under the bridge now.