I have been Tagged!!

When I checked my emails after a week in the sun, I noticed that I have been tagged by One more makes four so I had better not slack on getting my list of 7 things... (Sorry it took so long)

7 things to do before I die
1. Kiss Dale Earnhardt Jr.
2. Go back to China
3. See my kids and grandkids grow up to be successful, happy, and healthy
4. To work in orphanages, To hold & kiss kids that have no mommy.
5. Have my boobies put back where they belong
6.Still be best friends, with my best friends (you all know who you are)
7. Travel and see as much of the world as I can
7 things I will not due
1. Have bad credit or go into debt
2. Sky dive or bunggee jump
3. Hold a grudge (that person my not be there tomorrow)
4. Grow old gracefully (I will fight it till the end. Hello, BOTOX)
5. Have a rodent or snake as a pet.
6. Wear white socks with black shoes.
7.beat my kids
7 things I can do
1. Carry a 25 pound child for 2 weeks in China
2. Tell dirty jokes
3. Drink tequila
4. Scrapbook all night long
5 .love unconditionaly
6. forgive
7. make the best deviled eggs & pasta salad (even though I hate both)
7 things I say most often
1. Dude
2. Whatever
3. did you fart?
4. do you have to go potty?
5. Stop bugging your sister
6. The f word
7. where is my damm cell phone?
7 books or movies I love
1. Memoirs of a geisha
2. Good night moon
3. The Rookie
4. The notebook
5. Road trip
6. Dodgeball
7. Love actually