I have been a little behind on all of my posts. We have been going, going, going. Well, and the weather has been so good we have to be out enjoying it. We have been to the beach at Poppy & Mimi's for a crab feed. It was the first time Lila had crab (that we know of) She ate so much of it that her little belly was hard as a rock. It was delicious and extremely enjoyable. We have been to a car show at a beach, where the people watching was FABULOUS!!
I love people watching. That has to be one of the best parts of these car shows is the people watching. It it truly better then the zoo. The things that people wear, the things they say when they think you can't hear them, the know it alls that says stuff about your car to his buddy, which is totally wrong. I LOVE IT! The folks that go to these things on a regular basis are super nice and fun to hang with. Both kids look forward to going and hangin' out with the guys. And they guys love it when the kids are there. Great family atmosphere.

Only a few more days and we leave for our annual vacation to Lake Chelan. I love this week. Well, We also get to use the new trailer for longer then a couple of days. This year....the plushness of out own trailer!! AHHHHH, I cannot wait!
The kids are excited too. Lila is excited but, I'm not sure if she knows what for. When everyone yells, WOO -WHOO CHELAN!!" She just follows right along. It's pretty cute.

I've posted a few pictures of the beach at Poppy & Mimi's.