Da beach

Lila being sillyKatie thinking Lila is being silly.
Lila, McRae, Katie trying to bury Braydon's foot
The girls making mud pies. Yummy!

The temps here have really cooled off. It made it real nice to go to the beach for a couple of hours. The kids had a blast of course.
Me on the other hand, Had to sit there listening to some lady go on and on about her divorce, and some hunky professional biker she met on My Space. (the website, not here) I didn't even know this woman and she was spewing out all of this personal info to Carrie, with me sitting right there, and to the whole beach to hear. Some things should really be left for private conversations.

Today we are preparing to go camping again. We are going back to a place we went to back in May. You know, the time I didn't get out of my chair from 11am to 11pm. I sat in front of the fire reading rag mags and yelling from my chair at the kids, like some old fish wife. Awe, the life. Let's see if I can duplicate that trip.