Bloody nose, constipation, barf, separation anxiety, and potty accidents

Holy cow this has been a rough few days for poor little Lila. In the past 2 days she has had a bloody nose 4 times. I'm thinking that the dry weather and her constant need to picky her one nostril has caused this. She doesn't seem scared by seeing the blood, thank God for that.

I still cannot figure out why she wont come and get me when things like this happen. She would rather change her own pants when she has a accident or try to wipe her own bloody nose, the to come and get one of us for help. I keep reassuring her that it is okay to come get mom when theses things happen, but I continue to wake up some mornings to wet jammies on the floor and her wearing mismatched jammie bottoms.

She started these frequent accidents while we were in Chelan. That girl burned through so many panties, I had to go to the store to by her more. She has all of the sudden decided that she is not going to tell us when she has to go. Or if she does it is at the last minute, and we don't quite make it to the bathroom.

And then comes the constipation. She has had a hard tummy now for 2 days. She has been trying to go, but nothing. While at the store I bought some prune juice, yuck, but I mixed it with orange juice to make it taste a little better. Still no potty.

After dinner last night I gave her a little straight prune juice, in hopes to move things along, well she didn't like that too much, she barfed all over the couch cushion.

As for the separation anxiety, It's mostly with Braydon. If he is downstairs and decides he is going to go upstairs, and doesn't tell her or wait for her, she starts to cry. This week he had science camp. I thought she was going to lose her mind. She cried most of the morning. He was only gone 2 hours. She had it a little bit with me when I went to the store the other night, but that is about it. This morning she asked if Baba was at work. When I told her yes, she got a bit teary.

The poor girl is having a rough week

The only explanation I have to all of this is, we are getting very close to her third birthday (Aug 5) and in my experiences lots of kids go through a rough "change period" around birthday time. At least Braydon has.

I know that we are still in what some would call our "adjustment" period, but I don't think that is the case. If you saw Lila here at home, you would think she has been here all her life. She has really adjusted that well. I expect a little regression, but even Braydon had regression periods in toddlerhood.

I guess my point in that last statement was I have quite saying that it is her adoption related behavior, it is now just her toddler behavior. I truly do not think she remembers anything about China. I will ask her things and she just looks at me confused, Like, whatever lady. She doesn't even remember the plane ride to here. She remembers Katie waiting at the airport.

I don't think we are going to have too many issues until she is old enough to understand how we became a family. And then who knows we could be okay.

Lest hope the rest of the week isn't this rough.