Back to reality.....Awe shucks!

Rag mags Galore & Corona......NICE!

Okay, Monday is coming and we have to face the real world now. No more vacation. THAT SUCKS!! We did have hot weather, cold beer and good friends. The objective was accomplished. I will share throughout the week some of the best pictures that I have from our week. I have too many to post all at one time. I will be getting discs from everyone's else...HINT HINT!! And I will be able to share those too. Some are rather entertaining and embarrassing too. We'll see who sends me disc's and maybe they can be exempt from a blog-ousting.....Oh, wait, they have pics of me....Never mind.
The first round of pix is what we did all week.....Corona's, Rag Mags, and Horseballs (I'll explain that one later on in the week.)

Welcome to Chelan, I am your camp host, please enjoy your stay.