We have been waiting for this weather. It was just hot enough here to break out all of the backyard water park fun. I swear we have enough things to keep kids occupied. It looks like a damm theme park in the backyard. If these kids tell me that they are bored, I'm gonna scream.

Today McRae and Katie were over while poor Wyatt went in for some tooth surgery. I broke out the kiddy pool and the bonsi water slide. Lila went down the water slide once. I think she would have went more if her brother had let her go down it the first time by herself. Instead he thought it would be a good idea for her to go down on his lap. Um, not a good outcome.

They ended the waterpark fun with a little sun bathing and popsicles. I LOVE SUMMER!!

P.S. I did have to call Carrie several times to tell her I was breaking her kid. I sunburned McRae and then he managed to rip out one of his fillings over at the neighbors house, on a Jolly Rancher.