I have been tagged by Carrie This took some deep thought on my part to remember this far back, dammit this makes me feel old.

20 years ago... I was a sophomore in high school. I attended my first concert "Tears for Fears" I was a total wannabe New waver. I had the haircut that was shaved on one side and long on the other. I wore long black skirts and thick black eyeliner. What was I thinking? I just started dating my high school sweetheart. We dated all through high school. Come to find out he was a total dog and hit on everything in sight behind my back. I had just met one of my best friends Tracy. I listened to; Tears for fears, Depeshe mode, Prince,and the Cure. I was WEIRD.

10 years ago....I was planning our wedding. We got married in Vegas at Treasure Island in July. I was working at a Toyota dealership in Seattle as a finance manager. Brandon and I were working hard and playing just as hard. That is why 10 years ago was such a blur.

5 years ago...We were parents to a 4 year old boy. Bought our first house. I started wakeboarding. I was enjoying being a stay at home mom.

1 year ago..I was seeing our future daughters picture for the first time. We were smack dab in the middle of the paperchase for Lila and trying to stay sane by boating, and camping.

Yesterday....I went to Costco to return my vacuum cleaner that caught on fire. I returned it for a Dyson. LOVE IT!!!

Today...Today is Brandon's birthday. I'm having a jammie day, cleaning house, laundry, and hopefully going out to dinner later so I don't have to cook.

Tomorrow...I will go to the dentist to have one of my molars removed (OUCH) and babysit Katie.