Second post in one day...This is for Mimi.

Today was a busy day for us Last Day of school for Braydon, Brandon had the day off, First day of summer, and Lila's first outing in the boat.

She LOVED IT!! We took her to the ski shop to get her a wetsuit. It is so cute too. Brandon and Braydon jumped in the water off of the back of the boat, I think if I wasn't holding on to her life jacket she might have went too. She jumped right in and loved kicking around. Her favorite part is when the water gets in her mouth, she spits. She is one brave little girl.

After lots of coaxing and 10 gallons of snot and tears Bradyon rode the knee board. He totally loved it after he gave it a chance. That boy is so subborn. He did this with his bike too. He was so scared to ride his bike after he finally did it, he loved it. Sometimes he is his own worst enemy. Once he gets over his fit, he's fine. I'm real proud of him for doing it.