Just here for shock and awe

I swear everyday one of these kids says or does something that totally shocks the hell out of me and leaves me speechless. Me being speechless is pretty hard to do.

Monday Lila and I took a trip to the mall to return a few things at Old Navy and Since we were there we did a little retail therapy, had lunch, and cruised Borders for new magazines and CD's (two of my other vices)
I was completely distracted by these to very colorful Asian cookbooks. As I stood there looking at he Thai cookbook, sitting on the shelf is a Chinese cookbook. The cover has a river/mountain picture with a little Chinese fishing boat on it. I did not make any references to either book. I just stood there drooling over the fabulous looking food. Lila perks up and points to the Chinese cookbook. Conversation goes like this;

Lila: (pointing at the book) "China"
Me: "Yeah, that is China, pretty huh?
Lila: "Lila no go to China, Lila stay with Baba and Mama"
Me: speechless

As I'm standing there in boarders trying to hold back the tears, I think to myself, How does she know? We never say she is from China or make any references about China that would make her think she was going back. I was truly shocked and felt loved at the same time.

What ever the reason for her saying it really doesn't matter to me, I'm just glad that she wants to be with us.