Every little girl should have a swing

This weekend Brandon and our good friend Brett (uncle Brett to my kids) put together a playset for our kids in the back yard. They built the entire set in one day. Actually, in less then 7 hours. It was hot , humid, and they busted butt to get the entire thing done. They ROCKED!! I almost fell over when I offered them beers and they said no. Huh? No beer? Now that I look back, I think if they would have had the beer the playset would still be in the boxes. So, good job guys for not falling into the peer pressure. Heck, Carrie and I had beers before them. We had these Yummy beers called Skinny dip. Ummm, I could have been in trouble with those. Smooth

One of my reasons for the big push on getting the playset is, one, I can see the kids from the kitchen window, second every little girl needs a swing. As a kid I would spend hours out on my swing, singing, and pretend playing, and when I would get pissed off at my parents I would go out there and pray to God for them to get hit by a bus. It was good therapy for me. I would still go out there when I was 11, but at 11 I was still playing with Barbie too. And I wasn't even a DORK. I think that's what kids my age did in a little logging town on the Oregon coast. I don't thinkyou could catch too many 11/12 year olds playing Barbie. Well, if they are it's because they are dressing like her and not playing with her.

I hope Lila and Katie stay little for a long time. No, need for them to grow up too fast. The Dad's say nunhood, military school or chastity belts. I say don't dress them like BRATZ dolls early and you won't have to worry about that. (there's my old lady rant for the day)