When you have a foundation of friendship like these two have only good can come of it. Braydon and McRae and been friends since Braydon was about 4 months old, McRae was around 1. These two have been thick as thieves since the moment they met.
The one picture of them on the Dino was taken July of 1999. The other was taken May of this year. WOW they have grown.

McRae is spending the night tonight. I can hear them in there playing with the Hot wheels and Legos just like it was back in 99, only with a lot less tattling. The imagination and the role playing is still all same. One day it won't be like this. They will be in ther talking about girls and how they are going to sneak out later to drink dads beer. How do I know this? You would know if you met the two. What one doesn't think of, the other one will. They could be just that dangerous. Plus, Karma...The universe is going to repay me for all of my mis-doings as a teenager.

The both of them don't know what life is like without each other. Our families vacation together, BBQ together, and have holidays together. First question Braydon asks when we are having a get together or vacation, is if McRae, Wyatt, Kylie, Lily, and Zach are coming.

They are both good boys. I hope if they grow apart someday that they find the way back to each other, because they have shared so much of their childhood days together. What is better then these days?