To Ernie with Love

Most of you know that Lila's true love these days is Ernie. It has really become her security. He goes EVERYWHERE with us. If I asks her if she wants to go shopping, her first question is, "Can Ernie come?" I really think that it's pretty cute to see that she has attached herself to him. One of the things that she does with him is when she is feeling unsure of a situation or is feeling insecure, she makes Ernie shake and puts him up to her face and pretends that he is making a noise. It's sort of hard to explain. None the less it's pretty cute.

Ernies has been looking pretty tattered and very dirty. I was trying to figure out a time to give him a spin in the washing machine. Every night when she is sleeping, it's been too late, or I forget. So, yesterday after leaving Kenny & Tracy's, Ernie was not at his best. He had been outside on the trampoline, down the slide, and earlier was being rubbed on a table at a local saloon/restaurant (gag) When we got home I asked her if Ernie would like to go in the washer. There was a LOOONG pause, and she agreed. She sat in front of the washer pretty much the entire time he was in there. She would run outside to tell me that she saw Ernie and that he was swimming in the bubbles. THANK GOD, she agreed. Ernie looks like a new man.