Skinny dipping

I think the heat is getting to us all. Yesterday the kids wanted me to get the pool out. I get it out, inflate it, fill it up, even put hot tap water in it to warm it up......NOBODY goes in it, until 6:30 pm. Okay, so Lila has all of her clothes on, falls in and gets soaking wet. Thank God she thinks it's funny. Her and Braydon spend the next hour playing in the pool, splashing, and squirting each other with squirt guns. I go up stairs to get some towels so we can come in to get PJ's on.....I hear Braydon yelling for me, franticly. I RUN downstairs....As I'm running, he is still yelling, "No, No, Lila put your clothes on.....MOM, Lila's naked and rubbing her butt on the pool!" For God's sake what is going on.....I go out on the deck and there is Lila, naked, sliding down the slide, and Braydon yelling, "I'm never going to swim in there again, Gross mom, do something!"
All I can do is laugh and take pictures....