My gummy bears are having sex.......Huh?

After dinner I was going to the store to buy the fixin's to make Choc. chip cookies. I wasn't going to make them, Brandon was. He makes the best Choc. chip cookies. Okay, so on with the story.

Since Braydon has been feeling what ever it is he's felling, I ask him if he would like to come along, he is relatively excited and on his way out he grabs some gummy bears from the Costco size 6 pound bag I bought (why?)
As we are winding our way through the neighborhood the conversation goes like this:

Bradyon: "My gummy bears are having sex."
me: "what are your bears doing?" trying to be as calm and unresponsive as I can.
Braydon: "They are having sex. In Swedish class sex means six so my bears are having six" He laughs, his little laugh.
Me: "What makes you think they are having sex?"
Braydon: "They are kissing and turning their heads a lot, it only last for 5 minutes, then they talk and have sex again."
Me: speechless for a bit trying to figure out what I'm going to say without laughing my ass off.
Me: "Well...That's not sex, that is making out.... Yeah, your bears are making out, not having sex.
Braydon: "what is sex?"
Me: "not that, let's talk about something else."
Braydon: "when I'm in 3rd grade will you tell me what sex is?"
Me: "NO!"

How does he know it only last 5 minutes?