Does this ever happen to you?

I feel so sappy, but I guess there is nothing sappy about telling the ones you love how you feel.

You know, I'm a very fortunate person. When I look back on all that I have been through in my life, I have to say, I am fortunate. I have a wonderful husband, who tells me that I'm beautiful, and he loves me everyday. I have two very smart, funny, outstanding, beautiful children, a beautiful home, I'm healthy, I have awesome girlfriends that would do anything for me or my family at the drop of a hat, not to mention people like Poppy, Mimi, Grammy Donna & Gpa Dave, and anyone else who knows that they are special to us.

I have a support system like no other. I guess where I'm going with this is, Do you ever get the over whelming feeling of love for those around you? I look at my kids playing, my husband tinkering in the garage, we just spent the weekend with our best friends, and look forward to spending Mother's Day with them too. I'm very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. It goes to show that blood does not make you family.....Love, respect, and caring makes you family.

I think to the future when our kids get older, the friendships that they will have, but no other friendship will be like the ones they have with our extended family Taylor, Mcrae, Braydon, Kylie, Lily,Wyatt, Zach, Lila, Katie, and Rylee will never be able to think back to a time when they didn't know each other. They all have known each other pretty much their entire lives.

Can any one relate? Do you ever get the warm fuzzies? Or am I just hormonal?