Camping (Rv'ng) round 2

Weekend camping trip.....Success!! The weather held off, the kids were good (sort of) and we got to see Poppy and Mimi.
I think the kids had a blast. We had your normal kiddie drama...You know so- n -so did this...Blah, Blah. The adults sat around the campfire for 12 hours straight. Really, we did. Saturday at about noon Tracy was cold, so she had Kenny build a fire. We read magazines, drank bloody mary's, watched the fire, that was about it. We even ordered pizza for dinner and had it delivered to the campground.
Poppy and Mimi came to visit for a few hours. It was the first time for them to see Lila. They brought her a cute little t shirt to help break the ice, but they didn't need to do that because Lila warmed right up to both of them. What's not to love about Poppy and Mimi?
We headed out Sunday morning early, one, it was raining and 2, the car was on it's way.
Lila loves camping. She spent more time out playing this trip, then she has the whole time she has been home.
Both kids came home and zoned out until it was time for bed, and then CRASHED.