Beating my head , Venting, screaming

Please... For the love of all that is good and decent in this world, somebody please tell me that sometime in the near future my son will revert back to the once sweet little angel he was......
I am not sure what has happened in the last 2 weeks, but holy crap this boy is trying to send me to the nut house. I cannot begin to name a day that he has not done something to send me over the edge. Let me name a few....If not for venting, then for a good laugh.

One day I let the kids eat chicken nuggets in the car. They both have napkins, they were both told kindly to please be careful. All is well until I look in the rearview mirror and see Braydon using the headliner of the car as a napkin. For those of you that have not seen the inside of my car, it is rarely dirty, never has garbage, and I usually don't let them eat that kind of stuff in there. UGH!!!

Okay...This is just tonight. We are on our way to dinner, we have the air conditioning going in the car. He decides that he is cold, he wants to shut the vent that is in the ceiling.....He uses his foot!!
He forgets to flush the toilet after a big poop....And then laughs, like it's funny. Okay, THAT is NOT a air freshener. Do all boys think poop and farts are funny?

He is always trying to tweak things....If he is playing a game, he has to take it to that next level, by adding in some sort of wild twist. Kickball with hammers (just a example)
He cannot leave the remote control to the DVD player in the car alone. Poor Lila is watching a movie, and right in the middle he decides it's a good time to check out the bonus features. I asked him the other day to help her get the headphones on in the car....Oh yeah he put them on her, BUT HE DIDN'T TURN THEM ON!!! She sat back there the entire drive (40 min) without sound. No wonder she didn't think the movie was funny.

One night Brandon is working late so I take the kids to get dinner. Braydon orders is usual, then decides he's not hungry. He barely took 2 bites. Come to find out he was snacking in the car on the way to dinner, that is why he wasn't hungry. I box it up for Brandon to eat when he gets home. Brandon calls to tell me that he is on his way and could I warm up the dinner.....Can you see what is coming next? I get it out and NOW Braydon decides that he wants it, he's hungry. Oh, my GOD!!

What am I missing? Is this just a phase that all 8 year old boys go through? Have I mentioned before that 8 is not my favorite number...Well, other then #8 Dale Jr.
(see, now I'm in my happy place)

This is just venting....He is a good boy, he's loving, smart, funny, fun, compassionate, helpful, creative, quick minded, determined, passionate and all the other things that make a good son and soon all the things that will make a good man, It's just the time in between that hurts!!!

I need to remind myself to take a deep breath, because when I exhale, he will be grown up.

Thanks all for letting me vent!!