We have a sports fan!!!

On Thursday we had the opportunity to take the kids to Silvertips playoff game (semi pro hockey) The nice thing about it was we were in suite again. It gives the kids a place to roam when they get bored with the game. Okay, it gave Braydon a place to roam when he got bored with the game. Lila on the other hand sat on Brandon's lap the entire time we were there, shouting at the players and rockin' out to the music. She loved it!! Braydon says he likes it, but what he likes is all the free food and pop.
Lila met the mascot, which she has decided is called Papa bear. She gave him a kiss which was super cute, but my STUPID camera missed it.

When you ask Lila if she likes hockey she replies with a loud, "YEP" Next we will have to try the Mariners. Except that ends up costing a fortune because Braydon eats the entire game. I think the last time we took him he ate 100.00 in food the first 4 innings. He's a expensive date.

Again, I have to comment on how much I love my new W/D. But this reason has nothing to do with efficiency. Our stupid cat has her food, water, and litter box (gag!!) in the laundry room. For days now she has been meowin' like crazy and I could not figure out what the heck was wrong with her...Old age? Stupidity? Oh, no...She was seeing her reflection in the glass and thought another cat was in there eating her food. DUH!! I have no idea how long she went without eating or....Doing her business. To be nice I put a blanket over the front of the W/D so the poor stupid cat could eat.