Useless blabbin'

I have been trying for 3 days to post, but I keep getting side tracked, I feel like I have some form of ADD. I say that there is not a whole lot going on but, why do I seem so busy? Is it that I'm chasing my tail? (no, that's my husband chasing my tail :) )

Anyway, Lila has recovered from her Easter drama, and when I say drama I truly mean "girlie drama" She is a total chick. If she doesn't get what she wants or I have to say, "No" (because baba won't) She goes into one of her sad, wheepy, poor me episodes. I have been played these last few times. Either she has never been told no, or she knows how to get people to say yes. I don't think at 2 she is capable of being manipulative do you?

We had a propane leak in our oven, so I spent most of yesyerday dealing with that. We have no danger at this time, but I guess it is something internal in our oven. GREAT!! To have a tech come out to look will run in the hundreds and at least 2 weeks out. I don't think the dumb thing is worth it. The thing is only 2 years old, I've never liked it, so to replace it would not break my heart, except that we are buying a new washer & dryer, and my camera is on the brink of being throw against the wall. Why does everything have to go all at once? Cha-Ching!!
I took some pictures last night of the kids in the backyard. Lila rode the lawnmower with Brandon for awhile.