I have been a total slacker when it comes to the blog these days. I haven't taken many pictures. Maybe that's because I really need to take my camera back because it SUCKS! Ever since China it has been acting weird.

I can say that I have not been doing laundry. I swear I love my new W/D. They are so cool and do SOO much laundry at one time. Now if there was something to fold it and put it away, there will be when my kids get older. I have OCD to bad to let them help me now, hell, I don't even want Brandon doing it he never folds them right or put them where they go. But, then again maybe that is his plan.

Today one of my worst fears was realized....My cell phone died. All of my numbers are GONE!! I'm really not sure what happened. The tech said it got wet. Huh? Whatever. Anyway, now I have to go around collecting all the numbers I lost. This SUCKS!! Oh, that goes for you too Gen S. your number is in cell phone space....call me.

Lat week Lila and I went to get pedicures. It is spooky how much she loves to be pampered. She sat in the chair next to me the entire time. She loved putting her toes under the light to dry, and she even had good taste in picking out her own toe color. AHHH, a true girlie girl, so far.