Okay.... It's been awhile

Gee, It seems like I haven't blogged in forever. It's not like I have been up to anything exciting. I survived the weekend without the hubby home, and the boogie monster didn't come to get me in the middle of the night. I'm such a big chicken. I hate being home alone.

I did manage to get through the weekend with a little help from my friends...And no that doesn't mean Jack Daniels (that might have been good though) Carrie and Tracy came over a few nights to scrapbook. We all can agree that scrapbooking with 8 kids in the house is not very productive or relaxing. The funny thing is, the big kids are the ones that are high drama. Lila and Katie had way less drama the the other knuckleheads. I was productive in my scrapbooks. I think that Tracy my have to get the kudos on being the one with the most pages done. GOOD JOB TRAC!!!

Braydon managed to wreck himself and the neighbor boy on a ATV. Braydon ws driving and they flipped it on the road. Braydon walked away with serious road rash on his face, tummy, knees, and arms, he bit the inside of his cheek and the Handel bars bruised his chest. The neighbor boy didn't get too banged up because Braydon blocked the pavement with his face. He has since recovered, but he milked it pretty good for the first 24 hours. The next morning we had errands to run an he threw a fit because he didn't want any one to see him all scraped up. He told me that people were going to think I was a bad mom and that I beat him. Until I assured him people were going to think that he was a smart ass 8 year old and that's why he got beat. Sometimes that boy...... The guys and Brandon's work told him that chicks dig scars, so now I think he likes them because i caught him checking them out in the mirror. OH GOD...does that mean he cares what girls think? I can't go there yet.

Tonight I was in on the computer and I heard a big crash in Lila's room. Instantly she started crying. She must have tripped on something and hit her head. But, it was a good thing. It was the first time that she has cried out loud when she got hurt. When I went running in there she put her arms up for me to pick her up. I was sad that she has a little bump, but happy that she knows it's okay to cry and have mommy make it feel better. I think she was trying to get her photo album. She hasn't looked at it in a long time, so after her bath we looked at it. She had a hard time remembering her foster parents names. She pointed to herself and said Ning Fu Wan. When I pointed and said Lila, she shook her head no.....hummm does she think it's 2 different people? If she sees pictures that she can remember of herself with us she says Lila, but if it's her younger pictures she says Ning Fu Wan.....I hope that's not a bad thing.

I have my camera back and I was hoping to get some pictures of Braydon's face and I was totally going to copy the post "corners of my home" I just have to find a corner that is worth showing.......until tomorrow.