Just the little things

Everyday I become more amazed at the transitions we are making as a family. I was starting to become concerned about the amount of time Lila chooses to spend in her room or upstairs. We offer the option of coming downstairs to hang out with us, but everytime the answer is a strong "NO THANK YOU" I can understand. Why would you want to come downstairs when you have a pretty pink room with lots of things to play with? I have even tried bringing her favorite toys down , no luck. When we had our 1 month visit, the SW mentioned we try to bring her down at least 3 times a day( other then to eat) for 10 minutes at a time. Okay....That worked for a bit, but she is no dummy. She knew I was calling her for another trip down the stairs so she would begin crying the minute I would call her name. That just made me feel too bad. I started to think, what was the big deal? It had only been a month....If she wanted to be in her room for 6 months it was okay. She is bonding with us, she has no visible attachment issues at this time, she was interacting with us everyplace else. It wasn't like she was withdrawing. Anyway back to the story.....Last evening we were all upstairs getting ready to go downstairs to cook dinner. I thought why not ask her if she wanted to come help make dinner...So I did. She Said YES!! WOW, Brandon and I were shocked. She bee bopped her little self down the stairs in to the kitchen and said, "help cook?" UMMM...YEAH!! She helped stir the pasta salad, set the table and even helped Baba BBQ the burgers. When the BBQ flared up she told Brandon it was scary. She had to of been down there over an hour(new worlds record). Promptly after dinner she asked if she could go back upstairs. I didn't mind, heck she made big strides as far as we were concerned.

I guess the moral of my story is...They will do things in their own time.. I'm always trying to rush things. I have to keep reminding myself that she has only been here 2.5 months.

Next hurdle.....Outside.