The cat

Since I have change the name of the blog to "Family of 4 and a cat" I haven't put a picture of the cat. I should give her a little play....Even though she is a total bitch. Her name is Callie as you can see she is calico. Not too many calico cats named Call-E-CO. Clever huh?
Brandon and I have had Callie this month 15 years. She was a kitten of one of my dads cats and runt of the litter. My dad made me take one, and I blame Brandon for picking her out.
She is a total indoor cat. She hates the outside. Maybe that's why she has lived so long. But, in her old age she is becoming VERY irritating. She meows all the time and at bed time, she becomes wild kitty and runs all over the house like it's the Kentucky Derby. Why?

She's not nice at all. She hates kids and when people come over she hides. She will really only let me pet her. She will let my friend Carrie pet her, because Carrie is usually the one that takes care of her when we go on vacation.

Just to let you know what a bitch she is...Long ago before kids my brother lived with us while he was in high school. He would chase her or spin her in the kitchen floor. So, in revenge she would go in his room and poop on his stuff. In turn that would make him more mad and he would torture her even more and the cycle would continue. It was like having 2 kids. I don't really blame her, I would have pooped on his stuff too.

She has been a easy pet to have, but lately with her old age, she has to use a litter box a lot, sleeps all day, eats senior cat food and has special water for her unrinary tract. Poor thing. Old age sucks.

So now you've all met Callie.