Alright, I think that I have recovered from my hectic week last week. Only to rest for next week. We are taking our maiden voyage in our trailer next weekend, so I need to get all the trailer things ready to go into the trailer, clean the house again. I hate coming home to a messy house especially after camping.

I haven't updated everyone on the progress that we are having with Lila. She is still going to bed and taking naps like a champ. As for eating, she has totally over come her fear of eating in restaurants. She has been eating at the dinner table with no fuss, and of course loves her Baba more then anything.
One thing that happened over this last week was, she has had several potty accidents. She wet her pants in Old Navy. I had to buy her new pants and undies. Plus, she wet the bed one night. I thought maybe she might have a bladder infection, but she is not complaining of pain. When we went to Lilttle Gym on Friday she had to go before the place opened, so I pulled her leotard off and let her go in the parking lot. She didn't seem to mind, and there was only one other mom there. I don't know what the big deal is kids pee all over the streets in China. That's one of the reason for NO 5 SECOND RULE!!! She hasn't had any accidents today so hopefully it was just a little regression. NO biggie.

Her vocabulary is just amazing. She understands everything that we say. As for her Chinese.....It's getting less and less. She communicates only in English now and recites everything we say. We have to watch it. She's like a little parrot. Not always a good thing around this house.

The honeymoon is over for Lila and Braydon. The sibling bickering has begun. He tries to boss her around and dictate what she is going to watch on TV. She gets so mad at him, and tells him to get out of her room. One of her favorite things to tell him is, "That's enough-fu"
Last night my brother came over for a visit and the kids were upstairs playing, Braydon something to piss her off. She yelled at him and started crying hard. It was sad. I could tell that she was really upset. She wouldn't even kiss him good night. Things were better in the morning, until Braydon went into her room and turned off Big Bird in China. He tried to apologize, but she wasn't ready. Talk about holing a grudge. We got in the car and he leaned in to ask for a kiss, she looked at him.....OH, if looks could kill, he'd be a dead man. She forgave him after he ran back upstairs to get Big Bird in China to play in the car. WOW, all hail to Princess Lila. No, it's not that bad yet. She really is easy going and pretty much will try just about anything, and do just about anything, so when he goes in there and tries to micro-manage her, I don't blame her for standing her ground.

It's hard to believe that just not that long ago I was complaining that we didn't have travel approval. It feels like she has been with us forever.