The truth hurts....

Tonight Lila is running around the bathroom naked, waiting for the bath to be ready....I know another accident waiting to happen. She steps on the bathroom scale. She's a whopping 27 ponds. So, I say, "wow what a big girl" She thinks that it's so funny. She tells Braydon to get on it, he's 66 pounds. Of course she says, "mamma's turn" I keep telling her that mama doesn't need to get on it. She keeps insisting. Okay I get on. She squeals with delight, I'm glad that I made her day. As I'm getting off she says,"oh, mama BIGGGGG girl" NICE!!! to make matters worse Braydon follows it up with, "what was your number?" I tell his it's none of his business. He replies, "Well, it must be big if you are not going to tell me."
Have I mentioned that I hate 8!!!
Note to self......Teach son to NEVER ask a woman her weight.

I'm going to go eat my stash of girl scout cookies now!!!