This week is just flying by.....I have been preparing for our camping trip. Okay, It's not really "camping" But it's my version of camping. It's......RV'ng. We have all the comforts of home crammed in a 30ft version. Last night when we got the trailer home for me to pack today, I got to looking at it sitting there. IT'S HUGE!! You know how you pick out a Christmas tree at the tree place? It doesn't look that big, until you get it home and it doesn't fit where you want it to go. Well, thats sort of how this trailer has gone. It looks much bigger out in front of our house then it did at the RV show. I guess you could say that our eyes were bigger then our tummy's. I know we will enjoy it, but holy cow it's HUGE!!

We had our one month home visit this week. It went good. Emily our socialworker is awesome. She is so easy to chat with. It's nice. We have a few things to work on with Lila, but nothing serious at this point. I think our main focus is Braydon right now. I think he is having a bit of a power struggle with his emotions. So we will be trying a few things to help him along, and all should be good.

I will be curious to see how Lila likes camping. Then if she likes camping....Next introduction will be the boat. Unfortunately she's gonna have to like them some because that's what we do camp and wakeboard all summer. That would suck if she hated it. I don't see her doing that though, she's pretty adventurous. Cross your fingers.