Spring is in the air.....And LOVE

Yesterday was a rather busy sort of day. Lila and I went to my cousins little wedding at or county court house. It wasn't much different then ours, well other then the fact that ours was in Las Vegas, but pretty much the same. Quick and simple. Leslie and Rick have been together 5 years and have 2 very cute boys and a little girl on the way, so it's about time!! All I can say is , now Rick is one of us......(insert evil laugh here)

Lila wore a cute little dress. I think she was upset when I put it on here though. I think that she thought I was taking her to her new family....Because when I put the dress on her she started crying. That's not the worst part. I took her outside to take her picture in front of the porch, she started crying really hard and saying, "NO, Guh-Guh(brother), stay with Guh, Guh" and pointing to the house and saying, "Lila's home" I just wanted to die. Poor baby. I had to explain that this was Lila's home and we were just going shopping, and that when we got back home she could go up to her room and watch Elmo. After that she seemed better, but a little confused. I have a feeling that when they dressed her up in her best clothes and took her picture that it ment something like this is for your new Mama & Baba. It's so funny the little things that she is still nervous about.

Braydon had his spring concert last night. I always like the little concerts at school, all the little kids are so funny. I have to say that the choice in songs were odd. I wish I was a Oscar Meyer wiener, a pirate song, and a song about band aids.....Weird.