I have officially lost the mother of the year award. I was downstairs cooking dinner tonight and Braydon yelled that Lila was crying. I go up to her room to see that she is whimpering a little bit. I asked what happened, she points to the end of the bed and then to her head. I'm assuming that she bumped her head on her footboard. I give her a hug and hold her on my lap for a few minutes, before I get up I ask her if I can kiss her ouchie and she shakes her head yes. Okay....All is well I think. I go to get up and see that my sweatshirt has a spot of blood on it where she had her head. UMM....Okay I look her whole head over, I see no bloody spot. I ask her where it hurts and she points to her head....Dude, I have no idea where the blood came from. I sit her on my lap again and begin to look he over. Behind her ear is all bloody, I pull her ear forward and it's all split open, about a inch long and who knows how deep.

Brandon met us at the walk-in clinic that is a mile from our house. Come to find out the wait is 2 hours long...Brandon and Braydon went home to finish cooking the dinner that I started and eat. By the time they came back we were just going in, 45 minutes later(not bad). The doctor looked at it an said that it was not deep and he didn't feel stiches or glue were necessary. They cleaned her up, which was sad because her hair was stuck in the wound with all of the dried blood. It made me feel so bad for her. When the nurse was cleaning it out, it must have hurt pretty bad because her whole body was shivering when she touched it with the antiseptic.

The weird thing is when Lila gets hurt she never cries. She has a big scratch on her foot that looks like it must have hurt, but I have no idea when it happened or how it happened. When I see her get hurt and I give her hugs and kisses, she sort of cries, like she knows that she should....Weird. She does cry when brother hurts her feelings.

As you can see from the pictures the dressed her up pretty good. We have to keep the dressing on there until the morning. It should be fine. Ice cream made her feel much better.