Home 2 months

Time flies when you have a toddler. It seems like last week we were in China. Yesterday marked 2 months since we have been home with Lila.
So much has changed in Lila since she has been home. She has grown a ton. She was barley wearing a 18 to 24 month size when we got home. We have fattened that girl up in 2 months, she now is getting closer to being in a 2T.

Not only her appearance, but her language. She can have conversations with us now, in English. They are mostly about Big Bird or Elmo, but they are conversations.

She is absolutely addicted to Sesame Street. Morning, noon, and night, that is all she wants to watch or do. When I tell her it's time to take a break she cries and makes me feel like a big bad mommy, but if I let her that is all she would do. She would rather take a nap then to stop watching Sesame Street. At first she was glued to it, but now it's more like background noise. I do have to say that it has helped her speak and understand English.

She still is not a big fan of going downstairs. She will go down there to eat, and that is about it. She doesn't want to hang out down there. I can understand why....., her room is cozy, cute, warm, and it has all of her stuff in it. Downstairs is big, cold, and doesn't have any of her stuff. I have even tried taking her favorite things down in the family room, Yeah, it was a no go.

I don't think she has looked at her photo album in over a week. Her sad spells are getting rare. I do think it happens mostly when she is tired, or doesn't get her way.

She is showing more affection to Brandon and I. She has always told Braydon that she loves him at bedtime. But in the last 2 nights Brandon and I have got the Good Night, I love you's. I have to say that it's nice.

We have not had her molars fixed yet. (bad parents) They have not been bothering her as of right now. Part of the reasoning for me is, we are just getting adjusted, and things are flowing so well. I know that we need to, but I hate to traumatize her this soon. Our regular doctor said to wait as long as we could, so I don't feel like a total loser parent.

Last night I about cried when we were at the airport picking up Brandon. His flight had landed and we were waiting for him in the terminal. He called us to tell us that he was walking our way. I told Lila that Baba was coming, so we counted backwards from 10, and on 3 he came around the corner. He wasn't even through the security gate yet at she was running full speed at him yelling, "Baba!" He had to start running so she didn't run past the security gate. It was so sweet. That lucky dog!! I wanna go somewhere and have my kids run at me all excited, and give me hugs.

I would have to say that these past 2 months have gone WAY better then I expected. She just fits into our family like she has been here the whole time.

As for Braydon and his adjustment. He is doing so much better. I think he was having a rough time at first. He was use to having me all to himself. Having to share sucks. He still from time to time will get real needy, where he is asking me when we are going to be able to have some bonding time, or when can I play video games with him. For the most part he is back to the same ole' Braydon.

2 of the pictures are from the day we got Lila in China. The other 2 are for Lila and Brayodn playing in the sand pit in our backyard today.