Camping (Rv'ng)

Our trip to the bay went good. I think that Lila was a bit stressed out when we first got there. We were the first ones there and she didn't quite get what we were doing there, until the other kids showed up. When I put her to bed the first night I asked her if she liked camping and she said yes. I think she gets it now that we are all there with our friends, it's fun, but we go home.

I was having second thoughts about the trailer and it's enormous size. You know what I mean the dreaded "buyers remorse" If you look at it hooked up to the Envoy, it looks SO big. I soon changed my mind once we got there and set up. Having all the room is nice. All the kids were able to sit around the table to watch TV and color on Saturday when the wind was blowing.

The weather was pretty good. Still a bit cold and windy, but still fun. Saturday the wind was blowing and it was so cold, we packed up everyone and went to town to have pizza.

I would have to say that it a success!! Now, I need to plan out all of the other weekends so we get some use out of this thing.