Am I missing something?

I have been reading and following a ton of blogs.....I really need to get a life. But here is what I'm seeing and please tell me if I'm totally off base, I'm really not wanting to make people mad but, I just have to know if I'm missing something......

I know that referrals are taking almost a year. This last batch was pretty small from what I understand. But my question is why now are people considering switching to special needs? Is it because they want a child, any child? Or do they really feel it in their heart? When the wait was shorter for a "healthy child" people were willing to wait, but the wait has increased so they are "willing" to take a SN child so that they get a child sooner? I saw on one of the boards that a husband is now "willing" to talk about a SN child. I don't get it, why wasn't he "willing" to talk about it before?

Don't get me wrong I think that everyone that is capable of raising a child with needs should. Is it just that it takes longer for some to realize that they can?

I don't mean to rant, I must be PMS-ing, Lucky for Brandon that he's out of town. GRRRRR!!!