AHHHH...How good it feels to get back to my computer. I seems like days since I have been able to check my email or post to the blog.

Our visit with my in laws was good. All of the cleaning before hand paid off, my house looked good. We went out to dinner the first night, and went out for ice cream after. It was Lila's first ice cream cone. It was so cute. She was not to sure what to think at first, but soon caught on and could not get enough. She would lick the cone, look at us and just crack up.

The next day we went to the outlet mall for some shopping. Before we left I put a really yummy roast in the crock pot to cook so that it would be done after shopping. I was thinking the whole time how good it was going to be if the crock pot didn't burn my house down first. No need to worry about fire. When we got home to devour the delicious roast, we were surprised to find out that the crock pot was not on. I know that we turned it on. The roast sat in there lukewarm for 4 hours. GROSS, can you say bacteria? Well, we ended up having take out Chinese food and showing pictures of our trip to China.

I'm posting pictures of what the kids like to do on the weekends. These pictures are from last Sunday, but they are doing the same thing today,zoning out in front of cartoons and playing video games. Of course princess Lila Lu has to have on her tiara while watching sesame Street. Only the best for Elmo.