I want everyone to know that I do want people to change their minds and adopt SN children, I think everyone should at some point. I do want to explain what got me all fired up this afternoon. 1. It's the PMS thing 2. A woman on one of the message boards emailed me to ask me about SN adoption. I'm always willing to chat about adoption. She wanted to know some basic questions, How long it took, how long did it take to get approval and TA, how did I know that Lila was for us, and here's the cherry on top......She wanted to know if I knew out of the SN children what were some of the conditions that were easy to deal with. Huh? And if they are all as cute as Lila. COME ON LADY!!! Do I really need to go on? Of course they are all cute, Are there SN out there that my take less monitoring? YES. Do sometimes the children recover fully from the condition? YES. But, from where I sit, I would rather be prepared for the worst and be surprised if the outcome is different.

I replied to her email calmly and factually to the best of my ability, but maybe I took it wrong too, I'm moody. Who knows!

Maybe this woman should start with a hamster and work her way up from there. UGH!, this makes my head hurt....I need to go eat more ice cream.