Where does time go???

I'm trying to figure out what I used to do with all my time before Lila came into our lives. Looking back on my previous posts, I did a lot of complaining about travel approval not coming.

We have been home a week today. A lot has happened in this week. Lila has experienced some of what we do as a family. She has met so many new people. Her head must be spinning. She went to her first Storytime at the library. That went really good. Well, as good as a room of toddlers can get. She went to McDonald, She ate an entire Happy Meal. (Gross) She liked it. She got a new trike. She loves to go places. (that's good for mommy)

I took her to the dentist yesterday. It went well, other then the news that he gave, She has to have oral surgery on 2 teeth and 6 caps on her molars. Mostly the decay is due to poor nutrition and lack for brushing. When they do the surgery they will do x rays to see if her permanent teeth are forming at all, and clean her teeth. There surgery will take 3 hours. I feel so bad for her. I don't want her to hurt, but a 3 hour surgery? That's a long time.

On to better news though...... Each day she comes out of her shell just a little bit more. For a couple of days she didn't;t want to have anything to do with Brandon. She would cry and cling to me when he came in the room. So, last night we had him help her get ready to take Braydon to basketball practice, help her in and out of her car seat, he gave her a bath, and helped her get her pajamas on. WOW, it worked. She will not interact with him. I know that it doesn't help that he is at work all day, but I guess it's just going to take more time for her to bond with him, and if it takes us reintroducing him over and over, I guess that's what it takes. When she figures out that she has him wrapped around her finger, and that mommy has to be the "bad cop" you won't be able to get that girl away from him.

I finally took some pictures.........