What a day!!!!

What a busy few days this has been......Where to start? Well, we got word that Brandon's mom will be coming up from Portland Or.(about 3 hours from us) for a short visit. This will be the first time that she will be seeing Lila. So we have been busy preparing for her visit. Anyone that knows me and my preparations knows that I have been franticly cleaning the house too. This is also the first time she will have seen us at this house. SO much preparation.

In the middle of all this preparation we have visited 2 potential preschools for next year, had pedicures and manicures, and went to Little Gym for the first time with our friend Rylee, Maquinna (I think that is how you spell it) , and Natalie.
This morning was Little Gym, Lila had a BLAST!! She got up in front of the whole group to give the instructor a hi-5, she played good with all the other kids, and just had a great time climbing on all the stuff. After Little Gym we came home for a quick nap, while I attended to more cleaning. After the nap we were off to have "Girl Day", in celebration of Ava's birthday. We went to have pedicures & manicures. Lila was so funny, when the lady would paint her toes she would giggle and say, "pretty". She has hot pink toes with yellow rindstones. (her choice)

After all that excitement we came home for some dinner, then to leave once again to attend to Braydon's last basketball game. Thank god it's over!! Our team was so bad this year. Poor Brandon and Ford, they really tried their best with what they had to work with, but some of the boys just were not into it. It's just sad for those who were. I'm just glad NO MORE sports until football.

Tomorrow is a busy day too. We pick up our new trailer in the morning. I'm excited!! I really want to go camping, but it's just too cold. We had snow last night. Only trace amounts, but it's still snow, BURR!!!

The pictures are of Maddy, Lila, and Ava at the salon getting their day of beauty. The other picture is of Lila and Rylee at Little gym. I have more pictures but Blogger is bering slow so I will try to post more tomorrow after all the trailer excietment.