Tonight was it!!! I got the I love you!!

Tonight was the night!!!! We did our usual bedtime routine, I kiss Elmo and say, "I love you", I kiss Maddy (She's the groovy Girl in the middle named after one of the older girls that Lila loves to play with) I kiss baby, and then I kiss Lila and say, "Good night I love you." Then Lila kisses everyone, but tonight I got the I love you too!!! I'm one happy Mama.

Earlier tonight after a uneventful dinner(not screaming or crying, third night. woo whoo!!) she wanted to go back upstairs to play. As she was leaving she yells out in her little squeaky voice, "See yah later, I love you." I wasn't sure if that was a accident or if she really meant it. If you remember EVERYONE gets I love you's but me. AHHHH, It was finally my turn.

The pictures are of Lila asleep tonight with all of the friends that have to be in bed with us, and our photo album that hold the pictures of her foster family. She hasn't been looking at it too much yesterday and today, but it's close by just in case.

Today we did some shopping and I think Brandon's worst nightmare has come true... She gets the concept of if you go into the store, you might get something. So, she says, "I want" to just about everything. Brandon can thank Braydon for teaching his sister how to go into a store and ask for everything in hopes of getting something. She also knows how to use the term "go shopping" in it's correct context. AHHH that's my girl. I have now taught two young girls how to shop. Every time my friend Carrie says shopping to Katie (Lila's best bud) Katie responds by saying, " With Auntie Linda?" That's my girls. I'm glad to be able to pass my addiction on to future generations.