She has been with us one month

How a month flies by.....Lila has been with us for a month and I have to say that things have been going pretty smooth (knock on wood) She has less sad moments, her personality comes out more and more everyday, She is so silly. She looks at her photo album at least 50 times a day (no kidding) She tells me things about her foster parents and laughs, it's cute. She looks at all the pictures of our family and friends. She says all of the names and says things about them too.
I know that I'm a proud Mama, but she is so smart. She can count to 8 on her fingers, she knows triangle, square, circle, banana, apple, milk, fries, bath, eat, and she know all the names of Braydon's school friends. There are so many things that she has picked up on. I'm just amazed.

Her favorite things this week is Teletubbies and Elmo. Everywhere we go Elmo has to go too. While I take a shower she sits on our bed and watches Tubbies. I know those of you against TV....But there is no chance of this house being tv free. Brandon and Braydon are addicted. I mean really.....We have a 65 in TV.

Last night when I put Lila to bed she had me kiss Elmo and her baby and then her, but when I kiss them I say, "Good night Elmo, I love you" So last night after I did this she copied, but when it came time to kiss Mama and say I love you, she kissed me and then smiled and buried her head in the pillow. Still no I love you, But Elmo and baby said that they loved me.......Is that her sneaky way of saying it? Or does Elmo really love me?

Yesterday Baba was the favorite. We had lots of errands to do and Baba got all the lovies, hugs, and she shared her gummy candy with him. She has that guy wrapped!!!! Now I just need to teach her to say, "Baba, Mama needs a new Louis Vuitton" She has way more pull then me.

This has been a great experience, I can't even find the word that even come close to describing what transformations this family has gone through, and what joy this little girl has brought to us. While in China the people would say, "lucky girl" that's not even close LUCKY US!