More blabbing

I have to give my hats off to mothers everywhere.....You know who you are...The single moms, working moms, and full time moms...I do not know how any of us fit time in a day to breath or blog. I guess my one question is without maids, nannies, and help from hubby how does one keep up on laundry? I'm not kidding. I have so much laundry a show dog couldn't jump it. Just the minute I think I have it done, it's time to change the beds, or someone has a spill. This morning Lila poured out a sippy cup half full of milk on my bed. UGH!!

I really feel like I have not caught up on things since we have been home. I guess that is expected since I really try to spend as much time with Lila when Braydon is in school. Then when Braydon gets home he wants to hang out too. The errands and basic house work are enough for 36 hour days. I'm not complaining, I'm just trying to get my feet under me.

Since we have been home one of the battles that we have not attempted to fight is, Lila does not want to eat dinner at the table. If she does it's on my lap and I feed her(there is lots of drama). At first I thought that she was uncomfortable about our style of eating (with forks and spoons) and I know the Chinese people feed the kids for a longtime. They do not like children to eat with their hands or to have messy faces or clothes. She refuses to sit in her booster seat or in a chair to eat. Tonight I thought I would attempt to fight the battle. I made lasagna for us and made her chicken nuggets, apples, and goldfish (I know not very balanced) But, it was what I knew she would for sure eat. I told her dinner, she instantly went into her crying fit and saying no. I put her in the booster and told her it was time for us to have dinner. There was LOTS of drama, BIG tears and the pretend choking. The reason I know that it is all a show, is that when she is at Mcdonalds, or eating something that she likes, she is willing to sit alone to eat, with forks. Well, it went okay. She reluctantly ate 2 slices of apple, 1.5 nuggets, and most of the goldfish. After she made the attempt to eat, I told her good job and that I was proud of her for sitting at the table like a big girl. She is right now in her room dancing to a Wiggles CD, so I don't think she was to traumatized. We will see how Breakfast goes.