I'm on a blogging roll tonight

Okay, This has come up in conversation tons of times and I have seen other parents posting about this topic on their blogs. My neighbor gave me this little flyer yesterday that is perfect for when you get asked the question...Why Adopt?

Why adopt ?......

It's needed. Millions of children around the world are without parents or families.

It's influential. In times of war or disaster, adopting is a way to care for the most vulnerable citizens.

It's powerful. It changes at least two people's lives forever- your and the child.

It feels good. Sharing your love and home with a child is joyful and rewarding.

It's effective. Adoption redeems children from institutions and homelessness- and safeguards their future.

It's interesting. Why have a family that looks just like everyone else.

It's predictable. At least in comparison to infertility treatment. Do the paperwork, pay the fees, become a parent. Pretty cool!

It's unselfish. You're choosing to love a child-not for biology sake, but because the child needs you

It builds world peace. Children adopted from abroad and their families become ambassadors for international cooperation.

It's a good investment. Adoption is one of the few things that you get more then you give.

It's resourceful. In the words of the American humorist Garrison Keillor, "Nothing you ever do for a child is wasted."

I thought that these were some good things to say when you are asked "Why adopt" There is no need to give your own personal heart felt reasons. Give then a reason and leave it at that.

But just to stay with my own smart ass ways I do like to say, "Why not?" That is always not appropriate either.