Home two weeks

We have been home two weeks now. It feels like longer, I think. To sum up how things are going I would have to say better then I thought in some areas and not as good in others. Lila is starting to like her Baba (dad) She is not as standoff-ish with him as she was last week. If the girl would just figure out, she has Baba wrapped around her finger without trying, I don''t think she would cling to me so much. Not that I mind the cling. Her bond with Braydon of course is growing, she loves that boy, what's not to love. As for me.....She is testing her boundaries, trusting me more, and I can see her true personality coming out more each day. She is not a big fan of crowds, restaurants, or people hovering over her. She's not ready to run off and play with the kids at the park just yet, that's okay.

Some of the things that she does not like surprise me, ice cream, chocolate, cookies and TV. Things that she likes, fruit, veggies, deviled eggs (UGH) Jello, and gum. I think she would eat bananas all day if I would let her.

She is getting closer to showing me more affection. When I was tucking her into bed last night, she shook her head yes when I said I love you. We are getting closer!!!! Sometimes she comes over to me just to cuddle. I think she gets sad, but isn't totally sure why. She doesn't cry, but does a little whimpering. She is doing less of it, so I'm guessing she is feeling more comfortable, or forgetting.

Brandon has the weekend off, So she will get to see Baba a lot in the next couple of days. I'm hoping for sunny weather so we can go to a park, walk the trail, or something fun.