Everything I know about the English language.....I learned from Ray Charles and The Black Eyed Peas. Lila has really been picking up on her English words. She can say several things and use them in the right context. The funniest thing is when she sings the words to songs. Today on our way to lunch with Gma B, Auntie Leslie, cousins, Kadyn and Ethan, She was singing a bit of Unchain my Heart by Ray Charles, but she really gets rocking when you put on a bit of Black Eyed Peas. All the way home she kept saying "Hit the road Jack" She has the littlest squeaky voice, so it makes totally cute. Oh yeah, and that she is my kid makes it even cute-er.
(I know cute-er is not a word)

So far she can say:
Take a bath
Take brother to school
Baba at work
Get brother from school (can you tell she loves brother)
She does a lot of mimicking us, but then catches right on to what we are saying. She's a smart
I give it 2 more weeks and she will be talking up a storm. She's going to have to get it soon if she wants to be able to be heard in this house.