Dinner time success, for now.

Success, so far. Last night at dinner time Lila actually sat at the table for dinner with no drama. I could tell that she was having a little anxiety right before, but soon relaxed after I sat her in her booster seat to. She ate a ton like always. If this goes good for a few weeks, maybe we will tackle the fear of eating in restaurants. She does not like going into a restaurant to eat, unless it's McDonald's.

One of the next hurdles is going to be preparing her to go camping. We bought a new trailer and plan to use it soon. At the RV show she didn't want to go inside it at all. How overwhelming it must be to have all these new things introduced to you. Plus, everything must seem so big. You know like when you were a kid and your elementary school seemed so big. Then you go back as an adult and it looks like leprechauns go to school there.

One thing that has been good is that her Constant tooth aches seemed to have subsided for a while. We have a appointment at Children's to get her a health exam. That will give our dentist clearance to proceed with the oral surgery on her 2 decayed molars and to cap 4. While she is out they will do the cleaning and fluoride. I'm just hoping that the damage is minimal. Since we have been brushing everyday all her teeth look better. She just has two black spots in the back. (poor baby)

People have been asking how Braydon has been doing. Let's just say it's better then I thought. He has his moments where he wants my undivided attention. He also has is moments where is a total 8 year old boy. I'm not sure which is worse, a little whining or 8. He still gets his time in the evening to cozy with Brandon and I on the couch after Lila goes to bed and when both of us are here neither kid gets ignored. The poor things are so neglected.

i've posted a couple of pic's of the new trailer. Happy Camping!!!